Serendipity Art Center, Unzen, Japan

Serendipity Art Center, Unzen, Japan
Serendipity Art Center

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Serendipity receives generous help!

Serendipity is coming along more and more each visit! A lot of improvements since my last post. I'm so thankful to a lot of people for their extreme generosity!

New signs! Thanks, James!

Glenn Grishkoff's workshop in May 19 in the B.A.R. (bamboo art room)

Glenn's gorgeous mural in the bedroom in the main house. Fireflies.
Glenn taught the first workshop at Serendipity, and did the first residency here! He left his mark, literally! Thanks so much, my brother from another mother!

Tom, a Sierra Nevada University alum, was a tremendous help in November!

Tom built this railing for the loft area of the ceramics studio.

And these beautiful steps to get up to the loft. 

He also built out the back addition to the house, and much more. Thank you, Tom!

Kazuki with Kondo San, our generous sponsor, and SNU alums, 
Grant and Ian who helped hugely in January!

Grant and Ian replaced wood from leaky ceiling, and repaired leaky roof, and did so much more.

Next step is to install new to us flooring that we got at Kondo San's yard. 100 year old floor boards. Grant said, "Out with the old, in with the older!" Too funny!

Kondo San gave us these gorgeous wood panels, and more!

Suginaga San, another extremely generous man, gave us a lot of building materials and more. 
Domo Arigato Gozaimashta!!!

Pallets full of supplies and equipment shipped by Laguna Clay. They gave us a huge amount of materials and equipment! I was so overwhelmed! Thank you, Kazuki, and Kondo San, and others for getting it to Serendipity from the trucks on a forklift! 

Thanks so much, T, Rose, Romo, Bryan and everyone else who helped at Laguna Clay!!! 
I can't express how grateful I am!

Thank you, Morgan, for the Raku kiln!

Thank you, Bart, for the electric kiln!

I was able to organize the new glaze room in the ceramics barn in February.

It was beautiful in the area down the hill, with cherry blossoms blooming in some spots!

And the food...

And the company... 

Taiki, on the left, was a big help in February. 
The locals took Ian and Grant fishing in January, and we had a delicious dinner cooked on the barbecue in the "Hippie Hangout". A living space behind the house.

Masaki, Glenn's friend, a fellow Soldner tribesman, and now our friend, helped prepare amazing food when he visited in January. Oishee! Delicious! Small world.

It truly is Serendipity! Thank you very much to soooo many in America, and in Japan, who have helped and supported Kazuki and me in our collaboration: Serendipity Art Center! 

Most of all, thank you, my dear tomadachi, (friend), Kazuki, who I could never have done any of this without! That we met, and are building this art center together, is truly serendipitous, and EN!