Serendipity Art Center, Unzen, Japan

Serendipity Art Center, Unzen, Japan
Serendipity Art Center

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

August Visit 2019

Yasufumi San installed plumbing in the ceramics studio. 
Four faucets over the cow trough, which will be a great huge sink!

Cleared out the ceramics barn. Here's Kazuki burning the old straw before the typhoon hit!

I decorated the toilet room with all kinds of bamboo items.

This was the coolest bug ever! A stick bug that totally looked like a stick!

Went to the beach in Minamishimabara, not too far from Serendipity. It was beautiful!

Went to Costco in Fukuoka for studio shelving. 
It was very similar, but with some yummy Japanese food. 
I've been buying muffins for the workshops at SNC for over 20 years! So funny!

Going back this fall! Can't wait!! Thank you, Kazuki!